October 19, 2015

Trick or Treat?



At Lovetts Gallery, you don’t have to choose one or the other. With Artist Jay get both!

As a Master of Trompe L’Oeil, Jay goes about his work as a Grand Illusionist. One with a sense of humor, I must add! His very detailed and realistic paintings are done in oil. Trick no.1: Looks like a photograph...but it’s not! Trick no.2: Appears that the image is 3Dimensional...but it is not! Along with his paints, Davenport uses the tool of linear perspective to fool us!

Jay continues to have a lifelong interest and pursuit in Fine Art and favors animals and wildlife as his subject matter, although not exclusively. Through his paintings, he tells secrets, on us as humans; by the way we interact and perceive things in life. Maybe Jay is laughing at us, laughing at ourselves! Did we get tricked again?


The Treat: Davenport’s “Mail Order Bride” and “There’s No Place Like Home” are presently in the Gallery with additional pieces scheduled for arrival. Treat yourself to the talent and creativity of artist Jay Davenport!

 Representationalism is the bedrock to this artist. His dedication is clearly evident in his attention to detail. He has been awarded, medaled, and published and we are glad to welcome him to the Gallery and to you!


Trompe L’Oeil – to trick the eye! An art technique that uses the rendering of objects and spaces with eye-fooling exactitude. Both playful and intellectually serious, Trompe Artists toy with spectators “seeing” to raise questions about the nature of art and perception.

A funny story about the famous Florentine painter, Giotto (1267-1337), as an illustration: One day, Giotto decided to play a trick on the older artist Cimabue (1240-1302), to whom he was apprenticed. So when the latter’s back was turned, Giotto painted a tiny fly onto the mural which his master was painting. Cimabue then went berserk trying to brush away the fly, before he realized it was an illusion!

Lovett’s is honored to continue to represent two other outstanding Trompe Artists at the Gallery. Come and be delightfully and deliciously deceived by K. Henderson and Natalie Featherston!

So come and bag some eye-candy from the Trick and Treat art of Trompe L’oeil artists at Lovetts Gallery!

Raven Sawyer  Raven Sawyer Sig5

August 27, 2015

In Art..........Being distressed is a good thing!

Artist Ramona Youngquist takes you to a place of serenity and peace by way of a whirlwind canvas ride of oils. You have heard the saying, “the calm before the storm”.......but with Ramona’s unique approach to painting......”the storm before the calm” more aptly defines her creative technique.

A completed work of art from Ramona isn’t just about application. It is also about removal. Addition and subtraction. Herein lays her passion, as she “storms” the canvas with a myriad of tools to do her bidding, in the act of distressing. After applying oils from her muted and limited palette, softly building from a soft shower, she gathers strength and intensity like a thunderhead cloud billowing above.  Powerful lightning bolts of sand paper, brushes uprooted and used on their pointy ends, to rags, or anything else blowing in her way are snatched at will for her to strike the canvas with. The aftermath of this textural effects storm, in its unconventional applications, leaves the finished painting shining in the dewy light of comforting scenes of traditional form. The calm. The relatable. The recognizable and the wishful. 107599

At a very early age, she was fascinated with values as she observed them in nature.  Value is the relative lightness and darkness of a color. It defines form and creates spatial illusion. Contrast and gradation. Mass and contour. Mood and drama. Whether living in Oklahoma as a youth or an adult in the wine country of Oregon today, Ramona’s subject matter is close to home. She has nurtured appreciation and observancy in regards to her surroundings and allowed nature to be her teacher. Inspired in this way, she encourages you to escape the stresses of daily life and indulge in an impressionistic walk through her work where one experiences peace and inspiration. Rejuvenation.

We are happy to welcome Ramona Youngquist to our group of artist’s here at Lovetts Gallery!




“The Clouds----the only birds that never sleep”........Victor Hugo


Raven Sawyer

July 22, 2015

July art appreciation

Good Morning……all day long!!!

This week I am excited to talk about what art appreciation is. But first, I’d like to define what “appreciation” means. When we recognize and enjoy the good qualities of someone (like you!) or something, we experience appreciation. It is fully understanding a situation; the nature or meaning of something. Appreciation is all about understanding! I loathe brussel sprouts! But, I can appreciate that others feel culinary delight to have a plate of them, as well as receiving the nutrition they provide. Phil, our logistics manager, loves camping. I love NOT camping. I do appreciate the elements of camping and that it provides pleasure and adventure for Phil and his family. We can appreciate the different elements of people, places and things. I’ll have more to say about elements in a moment, in regards to art.

  Art is a tangible entity as in a painting, sculpture, photograph, and etc. Art is uniquely human and tied directly to culture. It is an expressive medium that allows us to experience joy, sorrow, confusion and clarity. It gives a visual voice to ideas and feelings, connects us to the past, reflects the present, and anticipates the future.

But art…….requires an artist. Societies call on artists… to create.

 So obviously, an artist is the first element of art. The other elements, the building blocks, include line, shape, form, space, texture, value and color. Art also requires content, which is idea based. These are intended and /or actual messages and our reactions as individuals to them. Content also includes ways in which a piece of work was influenced; society, politics, religion, personal experiences, history, education and emotions. All these factors, together, make up the content side of art.

By referencing appreciation, am I getting ready to tell you that you should like all art?

Absolutely not!

Do you like every piece of music you hear, every book you read or every food you’ve tasted?

Of course not!

But you can learn to appreciate (to understand) art outside your comfort zone. The benefits are twofold. (1) Understanding the elements an artist implements in order to create is helpful in understanding what their piece of work is about. And (2) Familiarity can bring with it a particular level of relaxation. Learning can certainly have these after-effects!

Often, an appreciation for something only comes with repeated and prolonged exposure.

For almost six decades I have been involved in art in some shape or fashion. Some of my personal tastes in art have changed a few times, but due to learning to “appreciate” art; I’ve since become more eclectic in admiring and collecting!

It really is an enjoyable exercise. As Dee, our Social Media Director, likes to quote her father…..”Have an open mind, but not so wide your brains fall out!”.

 Now let’s work out!!!

Get your art pants on and come to Lovett’s Gallery and do some stretching in Art Appreciation!



June 24, 2015

Dear Art Diary

Dear Diary

Dear Art Diary,

There’s a wonderful spot, I’m told, where it’s never too hot and it’s never too cold;

Where you’re never too young and you’re never too old,

Where you’re never too big or small.

And you’re never, never, never too, too, too, anything at all, Oh!

You’re not too mad and you’re not too sane,

And you don’t compare and you don’t complain,

All you do is sit tight, ‘cause it’s all so, so, so, so down –right, right!

Tra-la-la! Ha-ha-ha and a couple of ho-ho-ho’s,

That’s how we laughed the night away,

At the Lovetts Lollipop Guild Art Show!

Oh, Art Diary, how I love the wonderful world of art! The expression of each artist

was so creative; each a wizard in their own right! All together they worked like a

team…….follow the fellow who follows a dream!

The room was full, with lots of inspectors;

Fond faces of patrons, our cherished collectors!

The refreshments, they flowed, and the lights were aglow,

Thank you for following Lovetts yellow brick road!


The Lollipop Guild Exhibition is in the Gallery for viewing and purchase through

 July 20, 2015. (Note: some sold pieces will remain through this date and others

will go with their new owners at time of sale) This unusual collection of miniature

works are only small in size, but many in numbers and large in talent. Art wasn’t

the only thing hanging, as we had the surprise and pleasure of artists hanging out

as well. Robert Caldwell, Virginia, Sharon Pomales, California, James Johnson,

Texas, Oklahomans, Dr. Wood and Molly Murphy and Brian Slawson from………….


We aren’t sure how Brian got back home to Kansas… balloon? Or

did he click his heels together three times and say “there’s no place like home”?


I will be writing again very soon.

The Birds Show is coming up and there are a lot of preparations here at Lovetts Gallery!

The Birds CC Invite4

                                                    Sincerely yours,




A generous “THANK YOU” to everyone for your support and enthusiasm of  The

Lollipop Guild Exhibition and for making the imagination real!



June 10, 2015

Dear Art Diary

Dear Diary

Dear Art Diary,

Oh, so many things to talk about since I wrote you last. In case you haven’t heard, I suppose now would be a good time to tell you. Remember HTTP… we have been together forever. Well, I think that relationship has run its course and he is so on his way out the door. He’s been loyal and faithful and all, but he is kind of stuck in his ways, lives in the past and stubborn to try new things. I was ready to go to the next level and that’s when I met WordPress. He sooo gets me and this new relationship will take us and our clients to a better business web experience.

They sing “breaking up is hard to do”…….But in my case, it’s really just the hassles of making the transitions necessary to be up and running smoothly. For instance, the Wall newsletter will now be accessible on our site so our clients and visitors won’t experience a disconnect in regards to art and artists and other news and information.  You will continue to be able to access all of our social media sites in one place!

I’m so excited about the other new features too, like the Inventory Tab that will be on Lovetts front page. This will allow you to see the entire collection of all artists work at one time. At present, it is by individual artist and that will remain as well.

For all new pieces, you’ll be able to view four separate images of 3Dimensional works! With more options in viewing artwork, quicker and additional information on the artists, press and videos……..It will definitely be love at first “site”!

I also heard through the Gallery grapevine that Phil has a new photo of Jack he’s going to replace for the present one. Jack doesn’t know! I just love you art diary; we can talk and you keep my secrets!

But two things that are never a secret…….is the greatness of the art and artists at Lovetts Gallery and certainly the greatness of our clients.

Oh, Art Diary, I have so much to talk about but will have to wait till my next entry.

So much to do for the upcoming Lollipop Guild Exhibition in a few weeks!


I bid you a sweet goodbye!